Preliminary study for the restoration of the door Aeroparc Louis Blériot

Buc - Yvelines - France

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The centenary of the Channel crossing in 2009 was the occasion for Buc Village to return to his past by publishing a very well documented book, and by receiving from Dassault Enterprise, heir to Bleriot-Aerospace, a Mirage III, visible avenue Jean Casale.
In 2011 the commune entrusts B + S Architectures preliminary study of restoration of the monumental door Aeroparc Bleriot, which ruins remain dormant. The complete analysis of the monument and its history brought architects to provide full restitution to the door of the Aeroparc, the restoration of the sculpture Casale, and the development of a memorial park on the site.
In 2012, Buc Commune wishes to initiate the restoration of the door Aeroparc Bleriot-Aerospace. The preliminary study and projet of B+S architects received the approval of the architect buildings Yvelines France and endorsed by the Heritage Foundation to launch a public subscription.