Projet Panchoy 2010

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This project followed upon studies carried out by Bruno Parpoil and Sophie Delecroix between 1995 and 2000 on the architecture and the historic heritage buildings of the city, under the patronage of the French ministry of the culture and UNESCO. The result of this work was presented at Home of Latin America (Paris) in June, 1997.

It aims at protecting and promoting the various forms of heritage by the harmonization of the constructed spaces and by the preservation of the biological variety, at supporting and stimulating the economic and social development by the development of a quality tourism, of crafts, of a durable agriculture (efforts concerned notably on the forestry development).

The immediate objectives of the project Panchoy 2010 were the following ones: Establish an information and educational system for the population about heritage, history and environment. Protect and promote different forms of heritage, built and natural. Create, with participation of people, a master plan for a ten years development for the city of Antigua and the Panchoy Valley.

Historical reminder: the city of Antigua Guatemala is a part of the UNESCO world heritage. This city based in XVI ° century was the colonial capital of Central America until 1773. Being on a very active seismic zone, it was repeatedly destroyed. It was thus abandoned as colonial capital in XVIII ° century, what stopped its urban development.

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