Gribovo Mansion

Moscow - Russie

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The site is located in a spruce and birch wood of five hectares area, not far from Moscow. The client desired a «french Mansion». Le project is developed crossing two axis north-south annd east-west, in the largest dimensions of the polygone of the land, to extend visually its size.

The program of the house contents several rooms and a ball room at ground floor, two suites at first floor, and friends' bedrooms at second floor. The main building is extended with two lateral parts, one “orangerie” used as dining room during summer, the other as a greenhouse where a swimming pool takes place.

The main acces to the mansion passes by a courtyard located at the end of principal axis of the garden. This courtyard is surrounded by service and security buildings, like an «antichamber» before descovering private landscapes of the Hall.

The basic module of construction is a foot of 33 cm high, and the module of the main gate in the axis is based on a foot of 27cm high, as to accentuate the perspective effect from the mansion terrace.

This project has to be built with the capability of best french entreprises specialized on restoration for historical monuments, to manage and supervise the consortium of local entreprises.