«Château de Sceaux»

Ile-de-France museum

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Some history :
Jean-Baptiste Colbert bought the property of Sceaux in 1670. The best artists of that period were employed to work there : Le Nôtre, Le Vau, Le Pautre, Charles Perrault, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Girardon, Coysevox, Le Brun .... Time passing by, the property is confiscated in 1791 (French Revolution), and the mansion, ruined, is demolished. The property is sold in 1798 to a merchant, whose daughter marries duke of Trevise in 1828. In 1856, mandated by the owner, the architect Lesoufaché builds a n ew House, on the same place that the precedent of Colbert, as a brick and stone mansion, caracteristic of Louis XIII style.

In 1923, the Seine departement buys the estate and create in 1937 the Ile de France historic and artistic museum. The site is classified among remarquable french sites in 1958.
In 1990, the Hauts de Seine department begins the general remodeling of «le château de Sceaux.» The program is :

The total cost is 4,8 M€ (31,5 MF). The works are directed by the entreprise La Felletinoise, from april to novembre of 1992. Exterior works are the following :

Interior works are the following :